Update 09/26/2019 - The results of the elected RMR POA Board Members are now update in the Contacts section of this website.  The RMR POA has also ended its business relationship with Spectrum Association Management and their contact information has now been removed.  

01/11/2019 - During the RMR POA Special meeting it was announced that property owners who were not physically available to get their park access cards will receive them in the mail.  A presentation was provided by the RMR POA Board of Directors regarding the purpose and reasons necessitating changes to the annual POA dues and adjustments to the covenants.  All property owners are asked to vote on the various proposals.  A video was made during the special meeting and it along with the presentation will be uploaded to this site shortly.  As a reminder... If you have not paid your annual POA fee, please do so immediately to avoid late fees.  Thank you!

Update 12/08/2018 - Spectrum Association Management is now providing support services to RMR.  They have issued out the new park access cards to the majority of our residents and they are now working to identify those who were not physically able to pick up their card so that they can coordinate an alternate method for getting those property owners their cards too.  Spectrum will primarily be communicating with RMR property owners via email so if you haven't created an account on the Spectrum website, please do so as soon as possible.  Enrollment instructions, Spectrum's website URL, and Spectrum's support staff contact information are listed on the right under the Main Menu.

Update 09/22/18 - Congratulations to our newest elected Board members Danny Styles, Regina White, and Garry White. Contacts are now updated. The Board appreciates the dedicated and loyal service of Desi Husband, who will be missed.

The results from the Givler Engineering April 2016 SCD Inspection Report and the July 2016 SCD Repair Options and Feasibility Report have been uploaded to Documents section.

Q&A updated on our plans for evaluation of the current condition, repair options, and cost estimates for Spring Creek Dam (SCD).